Time Management and Attitude

Time Management & Attitude

Until you accept that fact few if any of your time problems will be overcome, in order to overcome our time management issues we have to both understand what time management is and our attitude in relation to it.  “Look in the mirror and you will see your biggest time waster” ( John Adair) What […]

Time Management techniques – Learn to C.O.P.E

COPE is a nice acronym to break time management into simple steps, and stands for Capitalise, Organise, Prioritise, and Energise. Capitalise on the ability of every child to help with household chores such as setting the table, clearing the dishes and hoovering the floor. Teach them very early to put away their toys and make […]

Flexible Work Schedules – Do they work

The general trend followed by businesses іѕ the nine tо five work schedule. But many firms аrе now moving tо flexible work timings fоr the advantages that come wіth them. Thеѕе schedules give employees the freedom tо manage their working hours the way they want, оn the condition that they complete designated number of hours […]

Time Management checklist

Time Management – How Do You Score? 1.     Do you start your day early What does your morning routine consist of? Do you eat a healthy breakfast and get straight to work? Or do you waste time on unimportant tasks? 2.      Do you prioritise your tasks Do you organise your to-do list? When you begin, do you […]

Time Management Killed by Curiosity

It is often quoted that time is one of the most important resources that we have in our lives, it is also different to all other resources in as much as we can’t increase the amount of time we have in our day. It’s equal for everyone. Billionaire, millionaire or pauper, everyone only gets 24 […]

Overcoming Procrastination in 6 Steps

How to Stop Procrastinating Everybody suffers from procrastination at sometime, even if for only a short time. Even if you’re one of that rare breed who only seems to procrastinate occasionally, you’ll find the hints below helpful for managing this habit. If you can manage procrastination you will be able to complete your tasks on […]