Take the time to visit ‘Someday Isle’

There is a small island off the west coast called “Someday Isle” where you can do all that you have always wanted to do. Spend time with your children and friends, read those books, watch those DVDs, start your own business, and spend time doing your favourite hobby. It is a place to complete all those things you have often spoken about, preceded with, “Someday I’ll…”.

It does not exist, of course.

Take the time now to do the things you know you would do if it did exist. There is only one way to get time for anything. You have to make the time. And whilst we never have enough time for everything, we should always make time to do the important things.

Identify what’s important to and do it. Don’t go through life saying “Someday I’ll…”.

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The Time Doctor – Mike Gardner


The Time Doctor

The Time Doctor helps the overworked and overwhelmed learn to say 'No' nicely, and improve their management of time, emails and meetings. He is also an avid fan of Aston Villa, a Dad of Neil & Emma, a hubby to Wendy and in his role with the reserve forces, he has completed operational tours of Iraq and Afghanistan.

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4 comments on “Take the time to visit ‘Someday Isle’

  1. A great reminder. We should do the things we want and not procrastinate on them too much. Someday I’ll is a favourite destination and sure is a densely populated Isle! Dropping by from UBC.

  2. Tracy Shave on said:

    Very true – I am setting myself to a no TV or Facebook (possibly the internet altogether) challenge next week – although that does mean I wont be able to take part in the Ultimate Blog challenge sharing but I want to make time and feel these distractions take up far too many of the very limited hours I have for myself… I am going to make time – I’ll be taking myself on a photo date for a course I am putting together, I also have to visit a school for my sons transition to secondary and the rest of the week will be filming, painting and filming myself painting… It’s a great reminder. I also recommend “Creating Time” Using Creativity to reinvent the clock and reclaim your life – by Marney K Makridakis.

    • The Time Doctor on said:

      Hi Tracy,

      Thanks for your comments and good luck with the no TV or Facebook challenge, let me know how it goes

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