Very informative and relatable content. Useful tools to help manage time/tasks, which I can try. Highlighted some process issues, which we can work on. Great course!Alex Barnsley
Unique IQ
Tailored to my requirements and situation. Live examples of how this can be used in my day to day business. Must book a holiday!M Parsons
Sure Tech IT
Good to have clear, user friendly handouts that can be referred to and used in the future. I will definitely be putting the grids into practice in the workplace but also in home life too.Louise
Unique IQ
Great content and delivery. Great to have a company wide approach, actionable tasks and methods to implement.Daniel Lynes
Unique IQ
Each method was catered towards us personally an as a company, which is great. I love the action lists provided as it will save time writing them out.Scott
Unique IQ
Enjoyed the visual aspect of the training on the Whiteboard rather than just talking or a Powerpoint presentation.Michael
Unique IQ
Very interesting and the Trainer explained things very well. Lots of ideas to adopt into the workplace to ensure we use the systems we have been taught.Cheryl Guest
Unique IQ
Very impressive content and presentation.N Begum
City Heights Investments
Will recommend the Time Management course to my friends.Kabir Uddin
Centrix CCTV
Can’t fault the Time Management Workshop Mike. Excellent content.Billar Jamk
Public Speaking Academy
The Time Management course breaks down how we fall into a trap.Aftab Muhammed
Adams Estates
Excellent Time Management course! It was quick but very helpful. I would like to learn some tips and hints. Aakanksha Chimote
E2e Linkers
Time Management course materials were very impactive and had useful information that I take away. Mike is a very good speaker, easy to follow and great knowledge on Time Management. A very candid speaker.Denise Sutherland
A very thought provoking session. Allows taking a holistic view of current arrangements and identifying improvement areas.Mohamed Shiraz
Property Solutions
I enjoyed the Time Management workshop a lot. Mike is passionate and knowledgeable in the field and truly is ‘the Time Doctor’ Providing indepth material, he is a pleasure to listen to.Rahul
Mike is a fantastic Tutor and I feel that I have learned a great deal from this Time Management Workshop.Hassan
I personally felt this Time Management course has helped me to have a better understanding of how I need to plan my to-do list. This will help me to be efficient and more productive. The materials provided were helpful and relevant.Adrian
Good Time Management course materials and relevant course content. Excellent delivery skills, kept the audience interested and engaged.Lubna Aslam
Optical Express
Liked all the materials, toys, presentation style, delivery. Brilliant! Laurence Jones
Loved it! Great to come to a small Time Management workshop group and talk about our specific experience/problems. Loved the booklet.Sophie Poduval
Blackberry Productions
I thoroughly enjoyed the Time Management course. I learnt lots of useful information, which I will be able to use at work and at home. I would recommend the course to any Business owner looking to free up time in their day in order to be more productive throughout.Peter Kord
Ping Marketing Ltd
I was really impressed with the material given at the Time Management workshop. It was a well organised and structure session with great tips and suggestions. A very worthwile course and real value for money.T Ryan
The Time Management course was very friendly and interactive. I learnt a lot about my mind and the way I work. The course booklet is fantastic and I will definitely be using it around the office. The techniques are practical and usable.Josh Smith
CSI Coventry
I thought the Time Management course was very eye opening. I really enjoyed it. Mike was excellent.Robbie Carnegie
Catering Services International.
This Time Management course really made me think about how I do things and what I am doing currently. Also how I need to adapt/change and move forward effectively so I can use my time productively. Mike’s skills are immense and it is evident from his delivery.Anna-Lissa Brown
World Global Networks
I really enjoyed the Time Management course. Fantastic advice and techniques and it went into detail regarding things to apply. It was very interactive with the group and I liked the fact that the group was small.Farah Saddique
S F Chartered Certified Accountants
All the materials and contents were very valuable to what I need to do for my business on a daily basis. I really enjoyed the Time Management Workshop and I believe if I do follow and action what I learnt it will give me the free time I need.H Mustafa
Yolo Travel Network
Excellent Time Management Workshop and materials The course content reiterated some things which I already know but was not putting into practice but also had a different perspective on time management, which I shall be putting into practice.Debbie Hemming
Clear Cut VA
Having been fairly poor at organisation, I am highly motivated to follow the structure provided by the Time Management course. I will recommend to a lot of friends and colleagues. I was particularly interested with how the different models linked together to show how efficient time management can be.Sam Sargent
N A Consultants
I feel the quality of material and delivery skills of the Facilitator was excellent. I feel I will truly benefit from the Time Management course. I have learnt to do the necessary list and manage time more efficiently.Ibrail
Sparkhill FInancial Services
The course is a good intro to better management of time. Something that can easily get lost or forgotten over time. Imran Younas
I was very impressed, I enjoyed the interaction that a smaller group was able to facilitate. Mikes style and format is informal and participative and gets the message and key points across in a very clear manner. Not a single powerpoint and loved the toys would 100% recommend this course to others.Sara Marrett
HR Dept
Loved it! Great to come to a small group and talk about our specific experience / problems, loved the booklet and would recmmend course to others.Sophie Poduval
Blackberry Productions
I thoroughly enjoyed the course! I learnt lots of useful information today which I will be able to use at work and at home. I would recommend it to any business owner wanting to free up more time in the day and become more effective in the workplace.Peter Kord
Ping Marketing Ltd

Can’t fault it, excellent trainer. Anonymous

Really good trainer, kept involved throughout without feeling overloaded with information. Fun and very useful for daily tasks in my jobGemma Harris

It was a great days’ training, loved Claudette’s enthusiasm and passion for the subject.Andy Baker

Claudette was very engaging, always happy to hear your thoughts and never went too fast, or with an overload of info. I wasn’t once bored or clock watching, which shows I was very interested in what I was learningDarren Sahader

Excellent course, very well executed. Claudette makes it all so clear and it was really helpful when she spent time going through “my things to do”. Brilliant training, definitely a course I’ll recommend, well done Claudette!Emma Roberts

Very good course, makes a lot of sense.Andy Williams

Excellent Thank You. Now to put into action the tools and train my team so they can support the same actions.Claire Lawton
Acorn Support

The way the course is structured has made me take stock of the way I approach my daily tasks.David Dunn

This course has opened my mind and showed me where I can improve my productivity, business and also gain some personal time to spend away from work.Dave Pagett
Page IT Solutions

Mike’s delivery of the course was excellent, an overall very good course and worth the time to do it.Cassie

Mike has delivered a fantastic and insightful course today.

He has shown us how all the small moments can add up but that they may not be as negative as they appear.

While delivering the course, the use of toys helped to keep us engaged with what was being said.

Pacing was not an issue for the course which is a great success as it lasted several hours.Adam Baker
Expressway Business Services

The course was well-organised and delivered in an excellent way.

Mike kept us engaged at all times and posed questions that really made me think.

I really enjoyed playing with the toys as it helped me think more deeply. Furthermore, the work booklet contained a lot of useful information and summarised the whole course nicely.

The content of the course was relevant to what needed to be achieved and I have no started to implement the necessary steps that we discussed.Poonam Dubb
Expressway Business Services

Mike made it so easy-going and relaxing while at the same time making all of us think about using our time correctly and effectively.

He also made us think about the time we waste talking, as it is not a bad thing to chat, but to cut out any chat that will interfere with a busy colleague.David Evans
Smart Business Support Services

I found the course eye-opening as many of the topics spoke about were common sense, and yet it takes these areas to be highlighted to see clearly how we are losing time and not having time needed for more important things. A great course.Anne Cairns

I had a problem most people in business who have family can relate to. I was catching up on a pile of work after I nursed a family member through a serious health scare. Happily I can report they’ve fully recovered which is the most important thing however I was feeling stressed at the amount of work that lay in front of me. Mike Gardner’s timing (pardon the pun) couldn’t of been better. He helped me beat overwhelm to get things done & to recognise my strengths in this area. The result was I have prioritised my work, met most of my deadlines & improved my productivity! One thing I really liked was finding my peak times during the day & tailoring my actions to suit. I found the experience with Mike very beneficial & will most definitely continue to use Mike’s advice into the future. I’m very thankful for Mike from the Time Management Academy for getting me out of a jam.Jodie Bale
Creative Consultant & Collaborator - Australia

So much gratitude for having a Skype session with Mike Gardner – The Time Doctor. It was amazing to speak to some on and work out strategies for my right brain thinking. Mike got me and listened to what my goals where and how to achieve them. I am now eager to get things done instead of feeling over whelmed by tasks. Anyone needing ‘time advise’ call upon the ‘Time Doctor’Nyree Aine
Business Owner - Australia

Mike’s amazing Time Management Tools have assisted me greatly in my business and life in the following ways: – 1. More structure in my daily routines 2. More time to reflect and create 3. Less stress as I have a clear plan of the tasks at hand, on any given day 4. Better results in my business as I lessen the chances of procrastination, get everything achieved on my list plus more tasks some days 5. The first time I have come across a tool that actually helps right brained thinkers, this was a huge one for me as I hate to do lists 6. More time with my family and friends, free on weekends yay!!! 7. Time set aside to really go into depth with my projects and really connect to my creativity, scheduled to create every day, love this task lol Thank you Mike for these very simple and yet powerfully effective life changing tools, I love them and recommend you highly to anyone desiring to achieve their life’s goals and manage their time whilst in the process. – Beverley Goodwin
Business Owner - Denmark

Hi Mike, thank you so much for taking time with me on Saturday. I really appreciate it.  I was able to open an extra hour on my schedule every day to work on one particular task. Today I was answering a client eJournal and replying here. Tomorrow I will focus on my workshop workbook tweaks to have it ready for Saturday.

I opened up my schedule by eliminating multiple bookings that were there because of recurring appointments that I didn’t want to lose for future so I just deleted them for this one instance. Now my print out is so much more clear and i have managed to secure three days this week for focus sessions.

I have listed only three things to work on today and it feels SO doable. Whew.  I’ve actually been using my Moleskine Journal to keep everything chronologically because I end up using one side more than the other or having to keep up with multiple books. That’s when I employed tabs that are color coded. I look back on the tabs often for ideas I’ve captured or reviewing notes from mentor meetings and like our meeting.

Finding more things to delegate…feels so much better, and  after getting a lot of work accomplished yesterday I went shopping with my oldest son and daughter. I normally would have stayed home but they needed a few things so I gave myself permission to enjoy the time with them. It was energizing. Felt better rather than normally would feel drained and done.

Feeling so much more productive and like I can do this finally without overwhelm.  Once I put my schedule together for the week I met with my husband coordinating things we were balancing and affirming with him my focus on making things work better for my productivity. I think he’s always been used to me being at his beckon call when he’s done with his job but it doesn’t mean I’ve had my work time and space. Funny how all these little things come into play and can be so hidden until we wake up.

I will definitely take time to look at these resources you’ve sent. I was using Asana to manage projects but I run into it taking more time to manage or that it’s hidden from me so then I always revert to paper.

Thank you again Mike!! I am feeling so much better this week. The changes may seem like minor adjustments but they’re providing major results.Donna Vail
Business Owner - United States

I just had a free Skype coaching session with the incredible Mike Gardner, ‘The Time doctor’ who I have had the pleasure of working with in an eBook project last year. Mike really listens to you and provides very helpful tips to become more productive in your work and life. He helped me to realize that I will benefit more if I do certain activities at my peak time of the day. I admit, I was trying to conform to U.S. societal standards and it was not working. I also learned time saving ideas on blogging etc. Thanks Mike, you are a serious time saver expert!Dawn Westmorland
Business Owner - United States

Very impressed with the course, I was a little unsure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised. I learnt a great deal about time management and my own notes and the ones provided will be a useful reference.Mark Pearson
Software Enterprises (UK) Ltd

The course was delivered in a very constructive and entertaining manner. Not once did my concentration leave what Mike was saying. The interaction also kept us on the ball and in the training session as opposed to whimpering out or getting bored.Tharack Ahmed
Software Enterprises (UK) Ltd

This was an eye opening insight into time management, and I found many new ways to plan and organise my time.Tim James
Software Enterprises (UK) Ltd

The course was very enjoyable, it was relevant to the job and has made me think about my time management techniques, The daily list will be adapted and we need more task Bs.Richard Cahill
Software Enterprises (UK) Ltd

Great Interactive course with excellent training handouts and material. The time went really quickly, it was interesting and delivered in an entertaining fashion which aids learning.Kathryn Cogzell
Managing Director

Claudette was awesome, very informative and put things into simple terms that everybody would understand. I will be recommending to others.Roo Williams
Managing Director - C & C Flooring

The course was very well put over by Claudette. It helped me to be honest about issues so that they could be rectified. I have taken away some very useful tips to help my management of time both in work and in home life.Susan Grant
Managing Director - M L Lashford & Co LLP

This was a vivid presentation of the key issues, obviously there was a lot to absorbin so short an introduction to the subject of Time Management, but the workbook will help. We have some specifictasks to action straight away and I understand the concept of objective based value and the need to constantly focus on this to keep control both individually and as a company.William McMorran
Managing Director - Architectonicus

A very enjoyable course, with space to reflect upon situations that relates to your specific circumstances and explanation and evaluations given. Very well structured with a clear understanding of what has been covered once you reach conclusion.R Janiglos

A relatively new and challenging client I was organising a small conference for asked me to source a speaker to deliver an education session on the subject of time management. I had no hesitation in recommending ‘The Time Doctor’. Mike prepared thoroughly, researched the client organisation and on the day tuned into the tone of the conference and delivered an excellent session that was highly practical and thought provoking.Steve Elliot
Managing Director - Blackberry Productions Ltd

If you think you know about time management, I challenge you to come to this course and not learn something new. Everyone will take something away from this course! As always mike ran an educational and entertaining workshop that adds massive value to all aresas of life both business and personal.Sam Coxhead
Business Owener - LSD Accountants

Very relevant to our current challenges and very useful in terms of the changes we can make to better run the business.David Lynes
Business Owner - Unique IQ

Good quality content and material which helped to explain and show various techniques to use.Alex Barnsley
Developer - Unique IQ

Good course, content focussed and relevant.Ian Phillips
Business Owner - AFS Accounts

I found the course overall to be very informative and potentially very helpful. I will be implementing what I have learnt particularly the To Do Today list.Balraj Singh Jacdev
Cottams Solicitors

Implementation of some of these principles will help make my work Life Balance better.Paul Aston
Painter & Decorator

No power point and the flip chart approach really works well with the intimate approach of the delegate/instructor. The blend of established principles put in a pragmatic setting was very helpful.Paul Rivers
Oxford Brookes University

A great course which has highlighted a few key areas that i need to work on. 3 hours well spent, implement the ideas and i should save many more.Andrew Walton
Custom Sound & Vision

Excellent course, given me a different view Time management, even assertiveness. Highly Recommended!Adrian Saffery
Area Manager (High St) - Templine Recruitment

I find the course well structured & will take away some useful techniques, I did find it a little slow to start with, but once it got into the informative part I found it all very useful.Darren Taylor
Senior Operations Manager - Templine Recruitment

Good takeaway guide to reinforce key learning points of course. Good delivery of information. The course content was good on the whole and would help managers to prioritise and interact with greater assertiveness to clients.David Bonnington
Senior Operations Manager - Templine Recruitment

Very Good, took from the course everything I wanted and more.Paul Brindley
Branch Manager - Templine Recruitment

Really enjoyed the course and gained an understanding of different behaviours and how they reflect on others. I will definitely be taking a few things from the training, To-Do today list mgmt, and urgency/importance of me and others, and how they can impose or reflect on mine.Rosie Longmore
Business Development Manager - Templine Recruitment

Mike’s interaction with the team was very good, explaining key areas and asking for our opinions and present managerial techniques. I feel the information that I have been able to take away today will help to consolidate my present time management and assist with new ideas for the team.David Bacon
Branch Manager - Templine Recruitment

I enjoyed the course and picked up many tips on how I can focus the time of myself and my colleagues. I particularly like the urgent/non urgent table. I think that some of our branch/Contract managers would benefit from all aspects of this course.Dale Kershaw
Senior Operations Manager - Templine Recruitment

Very helpful and thought provoking. Put some current practices into perspective.Doris Evans
Expressway Business Services

Very Interesting and extremely helpful workshop, I would recommend it to everyone.Arron Harnett
Business Development Center

Very easy going presentation by Mike and no “Death by PowerPoint”. Excellent content to go ahead and implement.Cornelius O'Shea
Key Environmental Services

A very good course delivered in an excellent manner. Lots of tips given in an easy to understand way and i know I’ll be able to implement them.Vicky Warwick-Jones
Forever Fabulous

Very much liked the interaction and the content being related to our businesses, very relevant and picked up some useful points to put into practice.Tina Miles
Oasis Flowers

This course packed a punch, well delivered, interesting and full of useful skills to help me manage my time as the business moves forward.Craig MacFadyen
Key Environmental Services

We were thrilled that Mike volunteered to work with our Peter Jones Enterprise Academy students. Mike delivered a session which both supported their academic studies and provided them with essential skills for managing their time and balancing their professional and personal lives. The session was bespoke, relevant, informative and engaging. Thanks very much!Jenny Hobbs
Peter Jones Enterprise Academy

So enjoyed this workshop, Mike Gardner is an excellent trainer. I recently attended The Time Doctor: Time Management Workshop and the tips and techniques Mike taught have already enabled me to be more productive, have more control over my time and prioritise much better. Thank you Mike 🙂Andrea Bradley

Loved all of it. The Time Management workshop with Mike was full of golden nuggets and tactics that you can implement immediately. The whole morning was relaxed and flowed well, Mike encouraged lots of interaction within the group. and it was great to share ‘time management’ struggles with others who share similar struggles. The course materials are a great reference. This is a workshop I’d recommend to any business owner who runs out of time at the end of the day.Carole Stacey
High Achievers

Excellent quality content. Mike’s style gives depth and meaning to the techniques he shares. Lightbulb moments were regular and most importantly, the start of making some effective changes, thank you.Claudette Dawson
Revelation Training & Development

A very informative course with a lot of relevant day to day actions that i will implement immediately.Sean O'Shaunghnessy
Essay Photography

I thought the course was well organised and very well presented. Giving me some ideas to take my business forward, and take some control back of my time.Andy Harper
Set & Match Ltd

I attended the ‘Time Management’ course ran by Mike, aka ‘The Time Doctor’ in April 2013. The course was innovative and interactive providing many ideas on how to get more out of a working day simply by managing your time more effectively. The refreshing approach will provide even those who ‘think’ they currently manage their time well with invaluable ideas for improvement. This will inevitably lead to increased productivity, profitability and more time for the all important non-work related activities.Simon Bancroft
Capitol Financial Management

Mike Gardner gave a presentation on Time Management at our Spring User Group Conference, and he was an animated and enjoyable person to watch, as well as knowledgeable and highly professional at his job. We would have no hesitation in hiring him again for future events.Karen Lawrence
Freelance Illustrator & Designer and Administrator at Team-One

Despite having a personal interest in this subject the content of Mike’s, time management course was rich with fresh content; delving further into the right brain – left brain concept, the importance of writing down goals and the perils of the “well travelled” work! It was am excellent course serving up sufficient stimulus to make you think of ways to change the way you work more efficiently. I would not hesitate in taking part in Mike’s many other courses and recommending him to friends, colleagues and clients.Martin Pryor
Pryor Portfolio Management

I attended the Time doctors ‘Saying No Nicely’ Workshop and found the course materials to be an excellent take away for future reference. The course content was thought provoking and a lot was covered in a short space of time.Claudette Dawson
Revelation Training & Development


Interesting information about ‘saying No’ I didn’t realise it was so in-depth. Noble Definitions – A new way of saying ‘No’ was excellent. Great delivery and pitch from Mike.Dominic Pearce
Invoco Ltd

I found the recent ‘Saying No Nicely’ Workshop to be excellent, thought provoking and illuminating and feel much more equipped to manage my time more effectively by being able to say “NO”!Sam Coxhead
LSD Accountants Ltd

I found the ‘Saying No Nicely’ Workshop to be delivered using great quality material and real life examples which can be taken away and put into practice immediately.Jeremy Strong
Invoco Ltd

I found the ‘Saying No Nicely’ Workshop to be very informative and interesting and had valuable input that I can use in my business life. I will certainly recommend this course to other business colleagues.Suzanne Smith
The Business Facilitator

I attended The Time Doctor’s Time Management course in March 2013. It was a brilliant course, really enjoyable. Lots of very good tips and hints to take forward in my business, I will recommend the workshop to others.Iain Johnson
Cre8tive Blinds

I attended The Time Doctor’s Time Management course in March 2013. Simply put Mike really knows his stuff! The workshop was engaging, thought provoking and practical – full of tips that can be taken away and implemented straight away. Many thanks Mike, the rest of the Positive Ground team are looking forward to attending the course too – I’ve no doubt it will seriously improve productivity of our team.Sara Beth Roper
Positive Ground

I attended The Time Doctor’s Time Management course in December 2012 with my business partner. We found Mike to be an incredibly engaging trainer and a true expert on his subject. I appreciated that he engaged us delegates, answered all those inevitable off-the-cuff questions with confidence and was able to tailor the morning towards his delegates, almost all of whom were ‘creative’ types and not easy to rein in! We took a great deal from the day on how to make our days and, importantly, the coming year more productive!Nicola De Sousa
Doozer Construction

If you are struggling with managing your time – you need mike more than you know. Mike has helped me get my time under control, given me clear direction and enabled me to focus on the important things I need to do going forward.Ed Rochford
Unique IT Solutions

Having been struggling to cram everything in to my day, I attended Mike’s “Time Doctor” workshop in the hope that it would enable me to free up some time. His friendly and lively style of working was a great start to a Monday morning and he’s given me some excellent techniques which will definitely give me back some time, make me more productive and allow me to grow my business even more. Thanks Mike!Andy Phillips
Andrew Phillips Insurance Brokers Ltd

Excellent Delivery of material, everything was very clearly explained. This is the first time I have enjoyed a time management course, I found it to be fun and interesting.Suzanne Smith

Presented with clarity and humour. A course I thought might not have much relevance to myself but have experienced a few light bulb moments this morning, now to put the plan into action – I will be using my workbook, change is imminent.Richard De Sousa
Doozer Construction

Great workbook, with content that is clear and easy to understand, Mike has a great way of communicating the information.Costa Georgio
HK Kebabs

Course was delivered in a very easy to follow format, which meant it was comfortable to follow and participate.Loucas Partali
Partali Enterprise Ltd

This was really useful Mike – I’m really going to try hard to get on top of things. My Time is important.James King
Secure Health

Brilliant, learned a lot in three hours, great value for money.Mark Pritchhard

I really enjoyed Mike’s Time Management training. He has a fresh approach to time management, focussing on the cognitive approach rather than using a bunch of tools. There was lots of interaction in the session and I learned things about myself that I hadn’t realised before. As well as covering the main aspects of time management, Mike weaved a few practical little gems into the session that I could easily slot into the way I work. If you are struggling to manage your time, I’m sure Mike is the man to help you.Fiona Cohn
Excel:arate Consulting

I attended Mike’s Time Management course and found it to be a refreshing approach to a familiar subject. The course is delivered in Mike’s unique style and is fast, full of wisdom and delivered with humour. The group work together to discuss challenges and Mike imparts his extensive knowledge to mentor and suggests simple changes to our daily routine. The understanding of how the brain works (right / left side) and it’s impact on your organisational skills gave me a huge confidence boost. The one thing that really makes Mike stand apart from the rest is his commitment to follow up. This session alone was invaluable to me, as Mike holds you accountable for implementation and continues to mentor through real world challenges now that you are back at your desk. We are all probably guilty of returning to our default state after a course. Not only did he assist me with time management challenges but also the bigger picture. Great course, delivered by a great guy!!! I look forward to working with Mike in the future.Paul Rhodes
Green Gorilla

We used Mike for his time management course and it has really helped me in my Business. I think Mike is insprational and would recommend him to anyone else wanting to expand their business.Simon Cooke
SRC Accountants

Mike provided us with a great time management course….full of practical advice that could be implemented immediately. Making life much easier…..Jeremy Strong
Invoco Ltd

Excellent course materials and delivery from the trainer. An enjoyable friendly atmosphere and will take a lot from today, Thanks.Gareth Hodson
GJH Electrical

Great content and delivery, have now got to go away and put plans together.Phil Jackson
Alert Alarms

Some relevant points and ideas that when put into action will be a big help in making be be more efficient.Ian Mackellar
SRC Accountancy

Very useful for people who have to deal with time robbers especially.Roo Williams
C&C Flooring

Excellent advice which i will pass on to my colleagues. I will definately plan to make tasks easier to handle, loads of great ideas to take away with me.Jennie Cornaby
Design BP

Excellent info on how to mange multiple projects & a monthly outlook. The quality of the materials was excellent, Ive taken time management courses before, but it was nowhere near as practical.Nicole Hynek
Endeavour Images

Short, sharp, relevant material – linked very well to the audience and mike was able to keep everyone included. Very practical tips and it was clear that all delegates brought into their take aways – Great stuff Mike!Annie Cossar
Arbonne International