The Procrastination Parasite

A damaging psychological parasite that feeds off your lack of motivation

Procrastination ParasiteI want to get something off my chest, far too many people don’t understand just how serious procrastination can be, and so let me tell you!!

Procrastination is a damaging psychological parasite that feeds off a lack of motivation, and by submitting to the curse of the procrastination parasite you are purposely preventing yourself from achieving your goals.

You could have had good grades if you studied way ahead of your exams, you could have been awarded employee of the month for beating deadlines, or perhaps you could have had a really nice life if only you hadn’t succumbed to the parasitic creature known as procrastination, and once this parasite gets its claws into you it hangs on and in serious cases has been known to become a life-draining disease.

However, if you’re one of the many procrastinators out there, all hope is not lost. A lifetime of procrastination does not necessarily mean you can’t change or live a happy and expediting life. There’s still a chance for every procrastinator out there to change their ways. Here’s some useful tips on how you could avoid the curse of the Procrastination parasite and rid yourself of your procrastinating behaviour:

Start Motivating Yourself!

There’s no substitute the driving force of motivation. With the right kind and amount of motivation, even the most logically bent procrastinator can’t resist. Motivation is the key to achieving any type of goal. This applies to everyone no matter how big or how small your goal may be. Motivate yourself with the things that make you happy. Think of the better life that you could live if only you would expedite rather than procrastinate. Although it’s all easier said than done, it is not impossible. Motivation is sometimes the missing puzzle piece in our lives, it completes us.

List the Consequences

Consequences are among the few things that procrastinators hate. It’s the thought of having negative results that makes procrastination unpleasant. If you’re seeing that you are already procrastinating, immediately turn your attention to the consequences of your delayed actions. This will often stir up pressure. Although pressure can sometimes break you down, this kind of pressure will help you eliminate the urge to procrastinate.

Get Help from Your Friends and Family

Most of the time, getting over procrastination takes extra effort and a lot of helping hands. You’ll need all the help you can get. Ask your friends and family to monitor your tasks and check if you’re doing them on time. This may be a little annoying at times but when someone is checking in on you, you’re more likely to be productive.

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Mike Gardner – The Time Doctor


Mike Gardner is ‘The Time Doctor’ and is highly regarded as one of the UK’s leading Time Management specialists being regularly featured in articles in the small business sections of both The Times and Guardian newspapers. He is an author, speaker and mentor. He enables you to prioritize your activities, so that you can be incredibly productive, whilst still having time for the things that matter most in your life. He is an avid fan of Aston Villa, a Dad of Neil & Emma, a hubby to Wendy and in his role as an Officer with the reserve forces, he has completed operational tours of Iraq and Afghanistan.

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20 thoughts on “The Procrastination Parasite

    • Thanks Jan, the best way to get rid of the Parasite is to focus and also break stuff down into small chunks, you then get a small step to start on,

  1. Hi Mike,

    Procrastination is the culprit that had me wasting too much precious time to share my mojo with the world. Often times I would get started on a project, only to quit halfway through. The fear of putting myself out there causes this disease to spread through my body like a wildfire.

    In fact, it took almost two years after I started my PLR business to finally kick procrastination to the curb so I could serve my audience. Finally, with constant pressure put on myself, I hired a copywriter and got my butt in gear. :)

    Thanks for a wonderful post! Have a great week!

    – Bonnie

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment Bonnie, Procrastination can cause so many problems, glad to hear to are now managing it, but beware it can strike back at anytime, it is a Persistant Parasite !!!

  2. Oh, wouldn’t it be grand if there were a pill you could take to kill the procrastination parasite! I love the comparison to a parasitic entity, feeding off of your lack of motivation. Mindset is so important for success, yet we let ourselves stay unmotivated for far too long.

    Great tips, too…I’ll be sharing these for sure!
    Jessica recently posted…3 Ways You Can Use PLR To Look Like A Smarty-PantsMy Profile

  3. Hi Mike

    That’s as scary an introduction to a blog post as I’ve read in a long time LOL.

    If anyone is still procrastinating after reading that, well – there’s just no hope!

    Seriously, I find that I procrastinate when I am nervous about doing something. I try to get over this by forcing myself to do my most disliked task first, and then everything else will seem easier after that.

    Another tip I use is to promise myself something nice as a reward for finishing a task that I’m finding it hard to get started with.

    I’ll add your other tips to my arsenal!

    Joy Healey recently posted…Using Fiverr For GraphicsMy Profile

    • Well it caught the attention Joy,

      Most people do procrastinate when thay are nervous, the key thing is just to get started, I’m a big fan of rewards, In my opinion people don’t reward thesselves anywhere near enough, thanks for your comment


  4. You are correct — procrastination is indeed a killer. Thank you for the straightforward analysis. Having an accountability partner helps. Being a member of a group of motivated entrepreneurs is a must for long term growth.

    • Hi Bill, You are right an accountabilty partner can be really helpful, as is ensuring you surround youself with likeminded people, be that in groups or in life in general

  5. You are right, procrastination can be deadly. A close family member has a lot of issues with procrastination; even suffering consequences does not seem to change the behavior. Right now this person is not interested in changing. It is frustrating, but I think this person will have to learn the hard way – the truly hard way.
    Alana recently posted…The Best RevengeMy Profile

    • Hi Alana, unfortunately some people have to receive a wake up call before realising that they have to change thimgs. Your family member is unfortunately one of many?

  6. Very good advice mike! I find as I get older, it gets harder to get out of a procrastination state. It so easy to put things off because there is always tomorrow. But we know that might not be true. Get up, get busy! It’s good for body and mind.
    Elena Peters recently posted…13 Things Successful Bloggers DoMy Profile