Time Management – Activity Traps

What are Activity Traps?

Many people who struggle with time management, find themselves in patterns of working that seem to prevent any means of escape, they find that everyday, they are doing activities that for one reason or another either never end or do not seem to lead anywhere.

This results in a feeling that they are not in control of their time. These ineffective and frustrating time management patterns are known as Activity Traps.

The Three Main Activity Traps That Impact Time Management:

crisis management, in which those involved stagger from one time management crisis to the next.  It is an expensive way of operating, causes stress and fatigue, and results in mistakes.

responding to demands, which results in days filled with a variety of jobs.  Time is used up and it is very easy to put off planning activities.

the treadmill, an endless series of uninteresting tasks.  Stress results from frustration and boredom, and opportunities may be missed.

When people fall into activity traps, they tend to spend most of their time responding to the next or most pressing demand without thinking about what they are trying to achieve. The danger is that they lose sight of their work and personal goals, with the result that they may be very busy, but tend to achieve very little.

Escape the Traps

The way out of activity traps and improve your time management is to , set goal; choose priorities; and make decisions.

Look out for more blogs when I will share some simple time management tips and techniques to achieve these.

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The Time Doctor (Mike Gardner)

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