Use time management to create opportunities

Time Management

Developing your time management skills not only makes you more efficient, giving you more time for the things you want to do, but it also brings new opportunities for success.

Each day, make sure you include some time to complete tasks that move you closer to your goals.

On your daily schedule, leave some wiggle room. This gives you the time to break away from the normal daily tasks and handle distractions without putting you behind schedule. You will find that you’re well prepared for distractions and can easily get back on track.

Your wiggle room also gives you the time to pursue new opportunities when you see them. You will be open to recognising and taking action on new opportunities as they come up, rather than be a slave to the tasks on your list.

Good time management also lets you include time for yourself, which brings all sorts of possibilities. You can develop new interests, skills, and hobbies, and each one creates its own brave new world of fresh opportunities!

Managing your time well gives you the time to keep yourself healthy, both mentally and physically. It allows for variety and excitement and it keeps you alert to new possibilities.

Today, plan to arrange your schedule according to your priorities and include plenty of wiggle room so that you can get things done, while still having time to pursue new interests.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Am I a slave to my to-do list? How can I use good time management to help?
  2. Do I prioritise tasks in my schedule so I always complete the important ones?
  3. How can I include more wiggle room in my schedule?

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 Mike Gardner – The Time Doctor

Mike Gardner aka ‘The Time Doctor’ and is highly regarded as one of the UK’s leading Time Management and productivity specialists. As well as being regularly featured in both online and off-line media outlets around the world, he is the author of the best selling time management book, Business Owners: Your Family Misses You. He regularly speaks on topics that are congruent with his mission of helping small business owners, entrepreneurs and independent professionals to be incredibly productive, whilst still balancing their business and family commitments in a way that enables them to feel fulfilled and guilt-free. He is an avid Aston Villa fan, a Dad to Neil & Emma, a hubby to Wendy and in his role as an Officer with the reserve forces, he has completed operational tours of Iraq and Afghanistan.

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