Time Management – The dos and don’ts

There are many reasons that people have difficulty with their Time management, one of the most cited ones is too much work, if this is the case for you, look at your workload and decide how your workload fits in with your goals and objectives. Decide which things help you on the path towards there achievement and which don’t.

To improve your Time Management do:

  • Carry out a time audit to establish how you spend your time.
  • Be honest about how long things take you to do.
  • Ensure you allow time for reflection and learning.
  • Delegate whenever possible.
  • Anticipate the pressure that making commitments can bring about.
  • Communicate with others, whenever you have time conflicts.
  • Plan ahead at all times.

To improve your Time Management don’t:

  • Spend time on unnecessary activities or those that don’t help you on the road towards the achievement of your goals or objectives.
  • Try to undertake the impossible.
  • Blame others for your lack of planning or disorganisation.
  • Get hung up on processes and procedures.
  • Make commitments that you can’t keep.
  • Expect others to make up for what you can’t do or have committed to do for others.
  • Give up.

The central point of effective time management is planning. Bringing about behavioural change starts with bringing time in to the consciousness, this in turn builds awareness and awareness always precedes action.

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The Time Doctor – Mike Gardner



Mike Gardner aka ‘The Time Doctor’ and is highly regarded as one of the UK’s leading Time Management and productivity specialists. As well as being regularly featured in both online and off-line media outlets around the world, he is the author of the best selling time management book, Business Owners: Your Family Misses You. He regularly speaks on topics that are congruent with his mission of helping small business owners, entrepreneurs and independent professionals to be incredibly productive, whilst still balancing their business and family commitments in a way that enables them to feel fulfilled and guilt-free. He is an avid Aston Villa fan, a Dad to Neil & Emma, a hubby to Wendy and in his role as an Officer with the reserve forces, he has completed operational tours of Iraq and Afghanistan.

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4 thoughts on “Time Management – The dos and don’ts

  1. The list of DON’Ts is especially helpful for me, as I routinely (every every day) take on more than any one person could do. WHEN WILL I LEARN, Mike, WHEN???

  2. Oh that elusive thing we call time. We are all given the same amount of time to do as we see fit. You are right, you have to use it wisely and identify your “time suckers” (one of the biggest ones I find is the internet) and commit to a specific amount of time to get a job done. Thanks for sharing these dos and don’ts…if everyone would follow these rules they would realize that they really do have more time to get things done.