Time Management in Retirement

Think once you retire you will have plenty of time to do all those things you want to do? WRONG!

Time management and retirement

Your time management in retirement is crucial, you have to follow through with your commitments

Retirement is such an inappropriate word for the life you have when you leave your career or full-time employment. The time you have is very precious, so how you use it needs planning. The difference now of course, is that you do it when YOU choose!

Just as in life at work you still need to make sure you manage your time effectively in retirement or, just like before, you will waste it!

Here are 3 ways to manage your time in retirement and get the most from it.

1. Have a plan

To-do lists still have a place in your life and in many ways they are more important. You are likely to have lots of things you want to try as well as routine jobs that have to be done. You may not have put them on a list when you were working as they always got done somehow. When you are no longer restricted by paid working hours they need to be listed otherwise you’d be surprised how they get forgotten.

So, write a master list of all those things you would like to do that are not routine. Write your routine list and add one from the master list for that week. This way you will make sure that neither routine nor new takes over those hours.

2. Get out

Build in some fresh air each day. Whether it is popping out for a coffee or a cup of tea or doing a bit of shopping, always try to get out of the house every day. interacting with other people is key to keeping you in the mix. That may sound quite odd but believe me, it is easy to stay burrowed away especially if you are on your own. Even if you only go for a walk, get out in the air and while you are out there, breathe! Get that oxygen into your system. you will feel better for it.

3. Remember friends

Again, back to the plan, but make sure you arrange to see friends regularly. If they are still in paid employment and go to work ‘9-5’ they will need to be contacted to arrange to meet up. That is likely to mean a week-end or evening appointment. If you approach your list with the mind-set of a working week (check out ‘Aspects of Retirement’ ) it will help keep the week-ends special as they were when you were working.

How do you plan your day when you are not working?

Julia Skinner


Julia Skinner is a retired head teacher in Bristol who has found a second career running the 100 Word Challenge which is a weekly writing challenge for children under 16. It has 2500 entries most weeks from across the world! She is also a school governor and in her 'spare' time you can find her blogging at Julia's Place

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8 thoughts on “Time Management in Retirement

  1. Hi Julia
    While I’m not quite at retirement age yet, I do work from home and these tips are as applicable for anyone working from home, where we are limited with our interaction with other people. It is so easy to get stuck behind a computer for days without venturing out, getting some fresh air or interacting with others face-to-face.
    Duane Reeve recently posted…Follow the process I use to create blog contentMy Profile

  2. Mike, it is important to plan your time in retirement. My wife is retired and is constantly on the go. She is taking care of her mother and the grandkid’s when they are sick and cannot got to school. She often comments that she needs to go back to work so she can have more free time! I agree that taking time to see your friends is important. As we get older, we realize just how important our family and friends are.
    Roy Miller recently posted…Boost your conversion: Grab Your Visitor’s Attention the Easy WayMy Profile

    • Hi Roy!
      Julia here, writer of the post.
      Glad to hear your wife is using her time well. Make sure she has some time for herself as well!
      I have some more hints & tips over on Julia’s Place under ‘Aspects of Retirement so do check them out!
      Julia Skinner recently posted…100WCGU #174My Profile