Tips for Decluttering Your Home

Declutter your homeHave you ever visited someone else’s home and noticed it was very organized and neat, and found yourself wishing your home could look like that too? It’s not an impossibility by any stretch, even if you have no idea where to begin. If your goal is to simplify your life and to live as clean and uncluttered as possible, then you are in luck! There are many ways to approach decluttering in your home, so stick with what appeals to you most.


Discover Problem Areas in Your Home

Before you begin decluttering your home, you should identify all of the areas that need help. Take a tour of your home, but instead of just looking around, pretend that you have invited over an important visitor, one who you would like to impress. As you look at each room and in each area, pretend that you are actually the important visitor and imagine what they might be thinking about the house. Use paper and pen, or other note-taking device to record all of the areas that you think this person would think needs attending to. Once you have identified the problem areas, you have a good place to begin.

How to Start

There are a couple of ways to go about decluttering your home. The first is to do a little at a time, as you have time. The other is to completely tackle an area and finish it entirely before you move on to another section. There are pros and cons for each. Let’s take the example of trying to declutter a clothes closet. If you have a big enough home, you can take everything out of the closet, and only return those things you intend to keep. This method has distinct advantages in that it allows you to see everything at once, and it also forces you to see the whole of the project. If you have everything laid out before you, you will find it easier to separate the items into distinct categories and to tell what you need to keep, what to get rid of and what to donate.

If you live in a smaller space, pulling everything out of the closet at once can be a more difficult task, as you will need to work around the items you have taken out. In this case, it might be better to divide the task into smaller chunks. For example, you may want to work on the floor of the closet, then the right side, then left and finally the top of the closet.

What to Ask Yourself

Many people have a very hard time parting with items. To get you started, it is a good idea to take each item by itself, and ask yourself if this item makes you feel happy, or if it serves a real purpose. Some items are sentimental because they represent a special time or moment. While it’s ok to hold on to some of these items, really ask yourself if the item needs to be kept. By holding it in your hands and thinking about each and every one, you will find it easier to make a decision.

Find a Home for Everything

One of the most important rules for keeping clutter away over the long term is to find a proper home for each of your belongings. Even if you want to keep an item, if it doesn’t have a regular storage place, your home will feel cluttered. This may require re-thinking the space and storage you currently have. By efficiently storing your items, you will have made a huge step towards permanently decluttering your home!


Till Next Time

Mike Gardner  – The Time Doctor


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10 thoughts on “Tips for Decluttering Your Home

  1. I’ve been in my house for nearly 30 years. In my early married years, we moved often and that took care of clutter. Now, I’ve got a major problem. If I was that important visitor, I would need a book with hundreds of blank pages. This year, we finally got around to getting rid of books we haven’t read for years. It’s a small start. I’ll have to do a lot more and then think of more efficient storage.
    Alana recently posted…VandaliaMy Profile

  2. I recently moved into my apartment and already I have to declutter! Time to do that is my problem. I just missed a sale on a really good shelf for my storage closet. Mext sale won’t be until July so I have a reprieve

  3. Great tips given here, Mike! My wife and I like to occasionally watch reality programs that show hoarders and the accumulation of stuff that makes it impossible for them to navigate their home. My wife was beginning to hoard clothing to the point where we couldn’t use a bedroom until I stepped in. During the Christmas holiday season, I helped her get busy to clean-up the mess. We gave away 10 lawn bags of woman’s clothing along with 28 purses and 4 big boxes of her shoes until the room was fully accessible again. Since then, she finds it hard to believe that she was going down that rabbit hole.
    Michel Snook recently posted…Is Your Site Mobile Friendly?My Profile

  4. Great suggestions Mike,

    I really struggle with getting rid of stuff and tend to shuffle it around now and again intending to dump but it never quite happens, Any suggestions for the eternal shuffler.
    I have tried looking at stuff and asking does it make me happy answer is usually yes and it might make me even happier if I keep it for a while longer :-(
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  5. I think it helps with decluttering to have the input of a third party – as you say, we can get very sentimental about our belongings. Sometimes we need someone to be brutally honest and tell us to “get rid”!

    A gentler approach is to box up stuff you’re not sure about, date it and revisit it in a year. If you haven’t required any of it in a year, you probably can live without it. If you have room to store the box, that is!

    So speaks a hoarder. :)