11 Reasons You Should Be Using a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

This is a guest blog wrtten by Lorraine Griffiths. Lorraine is a personal Virtual Assistance and provides administrative, secretarial and marketing services to businesses regardless of size or location. Her 20 years of administrative and secretarial experience have been gained in a variety of organisations inc, The BBC, Rooftop Housing Group and Demar UK Ltd. You can find Lorraine at www.lorrainegriffithsvirtualassistant.com

Working with a Virtual Assistant (VA) is like having an extra pair of hands in your business that can take the pressure off you and make your business look more professional.

When you’re a new start-up or Sole Trader, you might feel that you must do everything yourself to keep costs low and have control over your business.

This might work at first and it might be exciting to be involved in everything from networking, managing your social media and building your website to providing your niche service or product.

However, as you get busier and more successful, you might feel as though you can’t keep on top of everything that needs doing. This is the time to consider hiring a Virtual Assistant

Advances in Technology mean that it is easy for a Virtual Assistant to work from a different location but still be a part of your business. A Virtual Assistant can be beneficial to you and your business in the following ways:

  1. Hiring a VA can give you more time for the important things like promoting and growing your business
  2. VAs work from their own premises, so you do not have to provide office space or equipment
  3. You can save money, as you only pay for the hours that a VA works for you
  4. They’re available on an ad hoc or ongoing basis
  5. VAs are often very experienced in administration, social media management, accounting, marketing etc – so you won’t have to spend much of your time training them
  6. Hiring a VA can make your business look more professional, as clients will receive correspondence from someone other than just you
  7. If a VA is concentrating on monitoring your emails and queries, they will respond a lot quicker than you
  8. A good VA will make your working life easier, as they can handle all of your day to day emails and queries, so you don’t have to worry
  9. There are no recruitment costs involving in hiring a VA
  10. A VA can look after your business when you’re on holiday
  11. They can promote you and your business on social media, as they’re attached but separate.

If you’re looking to manage your time more effectively, outsourcing some of your tasks to a Virtual Assistant could be very instrumental in the success of your business.

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