What is Time Management?

What is time management?

A very often asked question below is an acronym devised by the Time Doctor, to give an answer to that age old question.

T = Time management can be defined as doing things:

  • For the right reason, (because it is linked to your goals and objectives)
  • In the right order, (because it is prioritised)
  • In the right way, (because it is organised)

I = Identify those time stealer’s that are imposed by others and be ruthless in dealing with them

M =Manage others expectations, work to your schedule not theirs

E = Educate others and let them know how you manage your time

M = Meetings – do you really have to attend the whole meeting, or can you attend for only part of it.

A = Act Assertively when dealing with interruptions

N = Need help? Don’t be afraid to ask or delegate

A = Action the 20% of things that give you 80% of your results.

G = Give due respect to others time and they will respect yours

E = Emails, answer them at specific times of the day

M = Monitor your time usage as you would  your money usage – carefully

E = Evaluate how you spend your time, use a time log and record everything you do during a typical week

N = ‘NO – A small word with lots of negative connotations, learn to say No nicely

T = To Do Lists – are they really for you, they don’t work for everyone. If they don’t work for you consider having a task list and a To Do today list.

My Time management Acronym, what would yours look like? Let me know

Till Next Time

Mike Gardner – The Time Doctor

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Mike Gardner - The Time Doctor

Mike Gardner is The Time Doctor helps the overworked and overwhelmed learn to say 'No' nicely, and improve their management of time, emails and meetings. He is also an avid fan of Aston Villa, a Dad of Neil & Emma, a hubby to Wendy and in his role with the reserve forces, he has completed operational tours of Iraq and Afghanistan.

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9 thoughts on “What is Time Management?

  1. I love the creative use of your acronym! Here is my acronym for project time management:
    To day not tomorrow-get it done!
    Immediately put it in your planner
    Manage the tasks (or stepss) that will complete your project
    Entertainment when your done
    Monitor your distractions
    Answer emails & social media later
    Navigate through smaller steps
    Arrange breaks to keep your energy up
    Gain inspiration or ideas when you get stuck
    End when finished, don’t switch to another task unless it’s done
    Manage your thoughts stay positive and focused on the finish line
    Excellence in each step insures a quality result
    Never quit
    Track your activity
    Stephanie M. Raines recently posted…Question of the Week 1: Personal Development & BusinessMy Profile

  2. Don’t be afraid to ask or delegate – I love that one. So many people, myself included, will tend to suffer and take on too much because we won’t let it be known that we need some help! The art of delegation is something to be mastered. Great stuff. Thanks.

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