The Time Doctor Micro Training Series

The Time Doctor Micro Training series consists of four short 3 hour workshops that are run as scheduled public events or in-house for organisations. The overarching objective of the workshops is to provide time management tips, tools, techniques and strategies that help both individuals and organisations to be more productive with their time.

All time management training workshops in  “The Time Doctor Micro Training Series” have been designed to take into account the results from extensive research with business owners, their employees and entrepreneurs, from a cross section of industry sectors. This research revealed a number of common issues that stop them being as productive as they would like to be. The main issues being,

  • Ineffective time management
  • A deluge of email
  • Meetings that are too long and unproductive
  • An inability to say ‘no’ and deal with interruptions with tact and diplomacy

“Time Doctor Micro Training Series” has been designed to address these specific issues. and cover the following subject areas:

Improvements in these four area will allow individuals to take control of their personal and professional lives, benefiting both themselves and the organisations they work for.

Public workshops in the “Time Doctor Micro Training Series” are run on a monthly basis, In- house workshops are run for organisations nationwide.

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