Saying ‘No’ Nicely | Saying 'No' Nicely

Assertiveness (Saying ‘No’ nicely) Workshop

Do you have difficulty saying ‘no’ to people? You are not alone, most people feel that it is wrong to be assertive, often confusing assertiveness with aggression. We are brought up to be nice and by and large we want to be helpful to colleagues, clients and others, saying ‘no’ does not fit the be nice philosophy. Unfortunately this trait can have a severe impact on our time management. How many times do you get asked, have you got a few minutes?, can you just help with this?, could you look over this for me?. Assertive communication allows us to say ‘no’ in the correct way, and is essential if we are to make the most effective use of our time.

 This Assertiveness Workshop Will help You To…..

  • Understand the different ways we communicate
  • Identify the most common barriers to effective communication overcome them
  • Understand the characteristics of assertive, aggressive and passive behaviours
  • Understand why saying ‘no’ is so difficult and the benefits of doing so
  • Say ‘no’ when required, with confidence, tact and diplomacy
  • Feel less overwhelmed and more productive
  • Start taking control of your time both in your personal and professional life.

The overarching objective of this short 3 hour workshop is to provide you with tips, tools, techniques and strategies that will help you be more assertive and say ‘no’, without feeling bad about it. Saying ‘no’ is a key skill and learning it will help you to improve your time management by giving you the ability to manage interruptions and deal with those time wasters that constantly impact on our time management, and so allow you take control of both your personal and professional life.

What’s Included In Your Investment?

  • Your Breakfast & refreshments
  • A Comprehensive, full colour, 40 page reference manual.
  • A Certificate of Attendance for CPD
  • Delegate aftercare programme

Delegate Aftercare Programme

Our Delegate Aftercare Programme is designed to help with the reinforcement of newly explored and learned concepts from your workshop, and is important to your success in allowing you to take control of both your personal and professional life. To help you with this, you will be provided UNLIMITED follow-up support for 180 days following your workshop, you will then get lifetime support via e-mail and telephone.

Risk Reversal Money Back Guarantee

All workshops in the “Time Doctor Micro Training Series” are 100% guaranteed through our Risk Reversal Money Back Guarantee, if you feel that attending your workshop has been a complete waste of your time, just let the course tutor know before you leave and we’ll refund your money in full within 24 hours. No questions asked. You can even keep the course materials.

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